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We live and breathe this area of the philippines. We know the best places, the best times to go and we guide you personally

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Siquijor Island

Paradise | Culture

Pristine beaches surround a tropical interior on this island paradise. With a rich history, beautiful waterfalls and amazing beaches there's something for everyone.

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Sumilon Island


One of Cebu's best kept secrets, Sumilon Island is sure not to disappoint. Surrounded by the clearest waters you have ever seen you can spend the day in paradise and swim with the varied sealife in the Philippines first Marine Sanctury

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Apo Island

Paradise | Sealife

World renowned for its diving, Apo Island is teeming with sea turtles, amongst other aquatic wildlife. The volcanic island of Apo supports a vibrant underwater world thanks to the minerals available to the coral. You will not see the 400 species of coral like it anywhere else... and with the best coral come the best fish.

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Paradise | Sealife

Known as the Maldives of the Philippines the Manjuyod Sand bar is a strip of pristine white sand that reveals itself twice a day at low tides. It is complete with native houses, built on stilts, that look like they float when the tide comes in. It's also a great place to see dolphins.

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Twin Lakes

Paradise | Wildife

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park is a protected area of outstanding natural beauty. For the beuatiful country of the Philippines this is saying something. You can kayak across the lakes and take in the scenery and incredible birdlife and wildlife, including some endangered and critically endangered species

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Mabinay is known for its caves with well over 100 that are known about. Even if you are not a spelunker (cave exporer) you cannot help but be in awe of these massive cave systems.As well as caves there are natural springs big enough to swim in.

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On Cebu Island, Oslob is famous for the relationship that the locals have made with the huge, but totally friendly, Whale Sharks. They are so friendly that you can snorkel with them

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Find adventure in the jungles and forests above Valencia. With impressive waterfalls, hot spings to swim in and zip lines the weave through the canpy you can get your heart racing before relaxing in paradise

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Canyoneering is the act of using a river as a path. In the jungles of Cebu you can follow the picturesque Matutinao River and falls in this adventure of a lifetime. Relax at the end of it all by bathing in the pools under the natural waterfall spa.

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Max out on fun and excitement traveling the roads of the coastal mountains of Negros Oriental to the west of Dauin. View some awe inspiring panoramic vistas and then relax in the recently refurbished hot spring pools in Baslay

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